Consignment Deconstructed

The idea behind consignment with Preshrunk is simple: you (the "Consignor") consign your new and lightly used premium label children’s clothing, maternity wear and baby gear with us and earn some cash while giving back to mother earth and sharing your child’s fashionability with another fashion forward tyke.

How Do I Consign?

Please read all of the terms on this page and if you agree to them, please complete the Consignor Agreement Form to the right. If you are located in Calgary, we can arrange a pick-up time once we receive your completed agreement. You may also drop your items off to us every Saturday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at 3615 Manchester Road, SE. If you are out of town, you can ship your items to us to consign - postal charges will be at your expense. Please complete the form and contact us before shipping your items.

What To Consign?

We are not a thrift/vintage shop which means we only accept new, “like new” and lightly used premium label, on-trend items. We accept sizes from newborn to 14 years of clothing, shoes and accessories, all sizes of maternity clothing and select gear/equipment. Please see our homepage for the types of brands we accept.

We ask that all designer items are 100% authentic and that all merchandise is clean/freshly laundered. Keep in mind that the better your items look, the higher the sale value will be.

Items are hand selected and not all items will be selected for sale. Please be reminded that if any items are not accepted, it is NOTHING PERSONAL. We know you and your children are fabulous, we just need to keep in mind what is in demand, on-trend and in season.

Unacceptable Consignment Items*

1.Unclean or stained items
2.Damaged items (broken zippers, missing buttons, worn hem etc.)
3.Select brands (i.e. Old Navy, Carter's, Osh Kosh, Lee, Nevada, Disney Baby, No Retreat, BUM, 725, Cherokee, Kloz for Kids, etc.)
4.Stuffed animals, boxed puzzles, sporting goods/equipment, CDs, DVDs, books
5.Undergarments, socks, homemade clothing, blankets

*Please Note: Items that are not selected for resale will be donated unless you specify that you would like them held for pick up, in which case, upon notification, you will have two weeks to pick up your items, otherwise we reserve the right to donate them to a local charity of our choice (really, it’s a win-win).


We set our prices based on label, condition, age and demand. We are working for you as much as we are working for ourselves, so our goal is to get the best possible price for your items. We reserve the right to mark down prices at any time at our discretion, without consent from the Consignor.

Consignors receive 40% of the pre-tax sale price of their sold items OR 50% of the pre-tax sale price of your sold items as consignment credit to use at www.preshrunk.ca.

Sale Period

Items will be posted online for a MINIMUM of 120 days. Your consignment contract will expire on the LAST DAY of the 4TH MONTH from your intake date (i.e. items picked up on January 8th will expire on May 31st). At the end of your term, it is the Consignor's responsibility to reclaim any unsold items. Upon notification, you will have two weeks to pick up your items, otherwise we reserve the right to donate them to a local charity of our choice.

How Do I Get Paid?

Once an item of yours has sold, it will go into our system as a commission on your account. Many of our consignors will choose to shop with their account commission, in which case you will receive a total of 50% of the pre-tax sale amount of your sold items as consignment credit. For cheque or e-transfer payment, please note that we will only issue one cheque/e-transfer per minimum of one clothing drop-off (not per item). Ensure that your contract term has expired and you have contacted us and we will have your cheque processed and at your door within two weeks or e-transfer sent within one week. Cheques/e-transfers will only be issued for balances greater than $20. Any balance less than $20 must be used as credit towards a purchase from www.preshrunk.ca or you can roll the balance over to be added to sales of your next clothing drop-off.

If you are interested in consigning with us, please fill out the Consignor Agreement form and we will be in touch to arrange a pick-up date.